Water - Its Importance

Posted by Danish Aamir on

Pets have bodies that contain 75% water. We are so cautious about our own water sources, why should our beloved, furry companions not have the same privilege?

Water is just as vital to them as it us to us, and it’s essential for all kinds of bodily functions.


Problems with tap water for pets

Many contaminants have been found to be in poor water drinking sources, such as tap water. These include metals like lead, arsenic, microplastics.

These contaminants can cause any of the following issues for your pets

  • E.coli

Few dangerous strains of this can cause loss of appetite, low body temperature, depression, increased heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness

  • Lead

High doses of lead can cause acute stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting. Prolonged exposure can cause seizures, fatigue, poor appetite, blindness

  • Fluoride
    high levels of fluoride are toxic and can damage kidneys. They can also cause severe diarrhea, restlessness, drooling, weak muscles, seizures
  • Giardia
    A parasite which is transmitted by discharging of fecal wastes in water.
  • Hardness and Lime Scale
    Tap water can contain varying and unhealthy mineral contents, such as undissolved solids, and calcium, and magnesium. These may predispose your pet to stone formation, and bladder and urinary tract infections.



To avoid common problems associated with tap water such as diarrhea (short term), and liver and urinary tract issues (long term), it is wisest to switch to a filtered water diet or the best would be bottled water.



The pet should have easy access to fresh water at all times. Providing water at several locations in the house may facilitate water intake. The water bowl should be kept clean and full with fresh filtered water at all times. (Water from the day before should be thrown away as it may contain contaminants)


We all love our pets, and want to see them be happy pets, and to avoid those pesky veterinarian bills, and to see them live long and fulfilling lives.

Remember to give your pets clean drinking water (bottled or filtered)!